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Important Phone Numbers

You could be a tourist or someone who has recently resided in Singapore. The environment is totally new and foreign. There is also so much to see and experience in this little tropical island. Getting familiar with your new environment is crucial. These include understanding how best to get around the country, where can you turn to when you are caught in a situation. You may turn to your neighbors, colleagues or friends. However, not everyone may have the right number to dial or information to be provided at the very moment.

This is when you seriously wish upon where or how you can get help with the right information. Therefore, having access to a list of useful numbers will come in handy.

Yellow Pages (YP) Singapore has compiled a list of emergency numbers, public transport and amenities phone numbers. We hope it will assist you in a little way. We wish everyone safe and sound wherever you are.

Emergency Numbers

Some phone numbers are extremely important, especially when you are met with emergencies. It could be a life and death situation or a traffic condition on the road that requires immediate assistance. Make sure the right party is reached to ensure help is rendered appropriately.

Do note that these emergency numbers are catered to handle emergency situations, such as a fire outbreak, a heart attack patient or a gang fight. The right resources will need to be deployed to attend to such circumstances.

Emergency Numbers

Police, Firefighting and Ambulance

Firefighting / Ambulance995
Non Emergency Ambulance1777
Traffic Police+65 6547 0000
Police Emergency SMS71999
Police Hotline1800 225 0000

Crisis, Suicide and Emotional Support

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) 24-hr helpline1800 221 4444

 Family and Domestic Violence 

Anti-Violence and Sexual Harassment 24-hr helpline1800 777 0000

Other Emergency Situations

NParks Animal Response Centre Helpline1800 476 1600
NParks Fallen Tree & Branch Incidents Helpline1800 471 7300

Tourist Helpline

Tourism Toll Free Helpline
(by Singapore Tourism Board)
1800 736 2000
Calling from Overseas
(by Singapore Tourism Board)
+65 6736 2000
Flight Information1800 542 4422

Breakdown & Interruption Useful Phone Numbers

Imagine you have a flat tire while driving on the expressway in the middle of the night. All the workshops have closed for the day. You need help to tow your vehicle to the nearest and safe location. Simply dial the vehicle breakdown service hotline by LTA, help will be on the way.

The example illustrated is one scenario of a daily happening on the road. There are other interruptions that we may encounter once in a blue moon. This may include a burst pipe in your neighborhood that causes water supply disruption. Or spotting an area that could potentially develop into a dengue hotspot.

We have compiled a list of important amenities service numbers that you can immediately refer, in the event of any breakdown, interruption or potential exposure to environmental health.

Electricity, Gas & Water

SP PowerGrid – Electricity Supply Disruption1800 778 8888
SP PowerGrid – Gas Supply Disruption or Leakage1800 752 1800
PUB (Public Utilities Board) – Water Supply Disruption1800 225 5782

Vehicle & Traffic Condition

Vehicle Breakdown on Expressways (CALL LTA)1800 225 5582
Traffic Lights / Public Street Lights Breakdown (CALL LTA)1800 225 5582
Illegal Parking1800 338 6622

Environmental & Public Health

National Environmental Agency (NEA)
– Environmental, Public Hygiene & Safety
– Dengue Reporting
1800 225 5632

Transport Services Useful Phone Numbers

Going around Singapore is easy. There are so many different mode of transportation available. From the train (MRT aka Mass Rapid Transit) to the bus or the private hired cab (aka taxi). One is really spoilt for choices to travel on this little island.

Singaporeans love visiting our neighboring country – Johor in Malaysia for business, visiting friends and relatives and shopping. There are two checkpoints that grant access to Johor by driving. Traffic would be a big concern especially during the weekends or public holiday.

Yellow Pages (YP) Singapore has included the checkpoints help line allowing drivers to check on the traffic condition at either of the checkpoints. So you won’t be caught in traffic unexpectedly. Do remember to refuel your tank and check the stored values of your toll card.

Plan your journey ahead so you could arrive timely for your appointment.

Buses & Train

Go-Ahead Singapore+65 6812 6469
SBST1800 287 2727
SMRT1800 336 8900
Tower Transit1800 248 0950
EZ-Link+65 6496 8300
Translink Service Number1800 767 4333

Cabs & Taxis

City Cab+65 6552 2222
Comfort Cab+65 6552 1111
Silver Cab+65 6363 8888
SMRT Taxis+65 6555 8888
Trans Cab+65 6555 3333


Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints Traffic Info+65 6863 0117

Train System Map of Singapore

This is the QR code to Singapore Train System Map as provided by LTA (Land Transport Authority) of Singapore


This map is updated at the point of publication.

Please scan this QR code to download updated map.

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